Tessa Jowell Academy Programme Impact Report 2021-22

Impact Report

Published 12th September 2022

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The idea of an Academy to support the work of UK brain tumour centres was conceived by Prof Richard Gilbertson (TJBCM’s Chair), during the planning stages of the Tessa Jowell Centres of Excellence programmeThroughout the duration of this programme, we witnessed 28 centres showcasing their brilliant areas of excellence. Centres spoke openly about their challenges and their desire to jointly address these.

We started with an open call to the professional community in June 2021 to co-develop a digital platform to showcase excellence and provide a space to tackle challenges. We were delighted to receive many enthusiastic replies from professionals across the country willing to volunteer their time and expertise. In collaboration with these incredible members (in The Founding Committee and three Faculty groups) we have since identified unmet needs, designed a digital platform and launched a series of workshops to meet these needs.

Since launching the platform six months ago, we are humbled by the high number of sign-ups (over 650), which is more than double our original aim. We are pleased with the high engagement from our members, driven by active engagement in our workshops, connecting with peers through our dedicated tool and submission of materials to our Resource Library. Ultimately, it is seeing that the platform is making a difference to its members and the care they deliver on a daily basis that makes us happiest. 

Above all, we have had a lot of fun working with the community to create and deliver this platform. We are excited for the next year in which we intend to solidify our offering and launch version 2.0. We hope you will enjoy reading the impact report (September 2021 to 2022).

Download the Impact Report (PDF) HERE