Reimagining Rehabilitation for Adults with Brain Tumours

Press Release

Published 18th April 2024

The team at the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission were delighted to collaborate on the Reimagining Rehabilitation in Adults with Brain Tumours report, which was published in March to coincide with Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

Developed in partnership with health communications agency Costello Medical, who provided expert and independent oversight, organisation and analysis for the project, the report sets out a roadmap of actionable and impactful recommendations that aim to improve rehabilitation for patients with brain tumours.

This short report summarises discussions from a multistakeholder meeting focused on how to improve brain tumour rehabilitation in the UK. The roundtable was chaired by TJBCM CEO, Nicky Huskens, and involved expert contributions from our Tessa Jowell Academy AHP Faculty members Sara Melhuish (Barts Health NHS Trust), Ellie Stephenson (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust), Helen Urwin (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust), Lindsay Sudwell (Christie NHS Foundation Trust).

Key recommendations were to:

It is hoped that these recommendations, broken down into specific actions in the report, provide a roadmap that will improve quality of life for people with brain tumours across the UK.

“Life will not wait for a cure – this is why we need to reimagine rehabilitation [for people with brain tumours]”

Download the report (pdf) here.

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