Application Process

All UK-based NHS neuro-oncology centres are invited to apply by the 26th of October. The application form, which is to be filled out by the neuro-oncology team, consists of six sections which cover treatment, patient care, clinical trials, research, training opportunities and why the applicant centre should receive designation.

Once completed, the submitted application forms will be reviewed by the TJ Centre committee in combination with patient feedback questionnaires collected from the BRIAN app from the Brain Tumour Charity. The committee will use the questionnaires to analyse how patients experience treatment and care received at the applicant centre.

Centres who are likely to obtain designation will receive feedback and a site visit from committee members for a final review before a decision is made. Centres who are not yet eligible for designation will receive feedback on their application with recommendations on how to implement enhancements and are encouraged to apply again in 2021.

Irrespective of the outcome of the application process, all centres who have applied are invited to become part of the Tessa Jowell Academy – a network of sharing best practices across Trusts. The academy will be launched with a one-day symposium to facilitate knowledge sharing.

To celebrate the centres who have received designation, a celebratory reception will take place at the House of Lords. Each centre will receive a Tessa Jowell Centre of Excellence plaque and certificate for display in the centre.



Please see the timeline for the application process below