How can you help?

The Tessa Jowell (TJ) Centres of Excellence initiative was designed to enable you and your loved ones to live with a sense of peace and assurance that you are receiving the best possible care and being supported to live well at the same time. A centre applying for TJ Centre of Excellence designation must therefore be able to demonstrate that they provide excellent patient care. Rather than solely relying on a centre’s self-assessment we want to hear directly from you and your family about your experiences. We are looking for genuine feedback on what is working well, less well and where centres could improve. 

To collect feedback, we will be using questions from the Improving Brain Tumour Care Surveys, created by The Brain Tumour Charity. There are seven surveys which span the entirety of the patient journey: pre-diagnosis, diagnosis & next steps, neurosurgery, radiotherapy & chemotherapy, living with a brain tumour, caring for a loved one and palliative and end of life care. The surveys are: 

  • Anonymous and securely stored. 
  • Easy and quick to fill in; a survey can be completed in 10 min. 
  • For anyone with a brain tumour, whether you have been newly diagnosed or are undergoing treatment.
  • Used to share best practice and make improvements; the surveys will provide a clear picture of what is happening across the UK and each centre will receive an anonymized patient experience report with recommendations.

Help us review your centre by clicking here and sharing your experience.


You can also access the surveys through the BRIAN app, a web-based application developed by The Brain Tumour Charity to help patients cope with a brain tumour. BRIAN helps you and your loved ones understand how you are doing and empowers you to make better-informed decisions and take control of what is happening while contributing your data to accelerate research. Click here to find out more and sign up. 

Are you a health professional interested in submitting an application for designation for your centre? Pleas click here for more information.