Brain Tumour Research Novel Therapeutics Accelerator (BTR- NTA)

This programme is in partnership with Brain Tumour Research.

Programme Lead: In recruitment 

Purpose: BTR-NTA is a brand-new accelerator programme to review and provide guidance on the translation and development of novel treatments, guided by a multidisciplinary international group of experts. The programme aims to help researchers position a candidate compound along a realistic pathway to clinical trials by:

  • Giving independent and transparent advice to maximise success
  • Identifying potential pitfalls in clinical trial design

Objectives: This programme aims to accelerate novel therapeutics from pre-clinical work to successful human trials by providing researchers and pharmaceutical with international best in class expertise in a wide range of subjects (inc. toxicology, pharmacology, regulation and more). Experts will conduct an in-depth peer review of the work done to date and providing guidance on the pathway to clinical trials.

Process: Scientists can apply twice a year for their work to be reviewed by the committee. If accepted, the following will take place:

  1. The candidate will be asked to submit the work done to date and provide written answers describing their novel compound or therapy.
  2. The committee will confidentially review the data and discuss the submission with the applicant at an in-person meeting.
  3. The committee will share a written feedback report which includes recommendations on next steps
  4. An anonymised summary review will be made public
  5. If the work is fully endorsed by the committee and ready for funding applications to the major funding bodies, the committee will help the applicant navigate the relevant funding calls.

Eligibility:  Applications are open to academic scientists and pharmaceutical companies

Next steps: If you would like more information and/or be notified of the next application round, please register your interest below.