Brain Tumour Research Novel Therapeutics Accelerator (BTR-NTA)


The Brain Tumour Research Novel Therapeutics Accelerator (BTR-NTA) is an international accelerator programme that provides independent and holistic guidance to help researchers position their therapeutic along a realistic pathway to clinical trials.   


Why the TJBCM launched an accelerator programme

Developing a comprehensive translational programme for brain tumours involves navigating numerous challenges, including preclinical study robustness, safety, clinical trial design, understanding and addressing regulatory requirements, and commercialisation (See fig 1). Recognising the difficulty of this journey, the BTR-NTA was launched in 2023.

The BTR-NTA is an accelerator programme providing independent expert guidance to de-risk drug or device development through systematic evaluation. The BTR-NTA programme welcomes applications from any research groups who are developing a therapy for brain tumours in an academic or industry setting.

Thanks to funding from Brain Tumour Research, the BTR-NTA programme is free for academics and available at nominal cost for industry applicants.

Figure 1. Challenges to overcome when developing a translational programme for brain tumours


How BTR-NTA works 

Academic or industry researchers developing a therapy for brain tumours (including delivery technologies and devices) may apply to BTR-NTA. Accepted applicants proceed as follows:


Why apply to BTR-NTA

“I would strongly recommend it as it provides a stage to access and communicate our thoughts and processes and get feedback from experts for the whole process thereby overcoming any oversight from us in the development of drug/treatment option.”  –  Previous BTR-NTA Applicant 

Click here to read feedback from previous BTR-NTA applicants.


Since the launch of the BTR-NTA programme in 2023:

  • 13 international groups have applied to the programme.
  • One review cycle has been completed, with three therapies for brain tumours reviewed by the BTR-NTA Committee.
  • Two further review cycles will be completed in 2024, to provide support for a further 6-8 research groups.
  • 25 international, multidisciplinary experts have been involved in the programme, spanning the entire therapeutic development pathway.

Click here to read non-confidential summaries of the therapies reviewed to date. 


The BTR-NTA Committee 

The BTR-NTA programme is led by a Core Committee (see Fig 2) of international experts from within and outside of the brain tumour field. The international, multidisciplinary BTR-NTA Core Committee spans the entire therapeutic development pathway to avoid a siloed approach to the development of novel therapies.

In addition to the Core Committee, an Extended Bank of Experts are drawn on to provide guidance specific to the applicants’ needs e.g., market access, biostatistics and manufacturing.

Figure 2. BTR-NTA Core Committee

“What really stood out was the need. The accelerator is going to have a huge impact going forward” – Dr Juanita Lopez, BTR-NTA Core Committee Vice-Chair


The next BTR-NTA review meeting 

The next BTR-NTA review meeting is being held in Lisbon, Portugal in May 2024. Applications for this review have now closed.

A further review meeting will be held in November 2024 (Location TBC). Applications for this review are now open, and will close on Friday 26th July 2024. Please complete a BTR-NTA Pre-application Form if your group wishes to be considered for review.

Review meetings are held in-person to provide the opportunity for collaborative discussions between applicants and reviewers.


Applicant FAQs and Applicant Guide 

Applicant FAQs and the BTR-NTA Applicant Guide can be found here.


Contact information

If you are interested in applying, would like to become an expert reviewer, or would like more information, please register below or contact Charlotte Aitken (BTR-NTA Programme Manager) –



We would like to thank Brain Tumour Research for funding the BTR-NTA programme. We would also like to thank the TACT (TREAT-NMD Advisory Committee for Therapeutics) team for providing their toolkit and support to assist the TJBCM in developing this programme.



If you would like more information on the BTR-NTA programme, please register your interest here: