Tessa Jowell Fellows

Programme Lead: Dr Sarah Jefferies

Purpose: The programme focuses on designing and obtaining funding for up to nine annual fellowships to enable newly qualified medical and clinical oncologists to specialise for a year in brain tumours. The programme serves as a “finishing school for brain tumours”. At a later date, the team aims to extend this programme to also include pathology and neurology fellows.

Strategic objectives: The NHS is one of the few health care systems in the developed world that does not train or employ experts in brain tumour treatment. Rather, brain tumour patients are cared for typically by oncologists and radiotherapists who predominantly treat other types of cancer. Therefore, this Programme aims to establish the TJBCM fellowships. Working with the Royal Colleges and the NHS, we will establish programmes to train the UK’s first generation of brain tumour-specific physicians. By partnering this programme with our Research and Clinical Programmes we will excite and inspire a new generation of brain tumour doctors for the good of patients. Support has already been gained from the Royal College of Radiologists and the Royal College of Physicians.

Our TJBCM Fellowships are designed to support clinicians with a demonstrable interest in neuro-oncology who would benefit from further training. This will be within the setting of a host institution that can provide comprehensive specialist training in neuro-oncology. The intention is for the Fellow to gain experience with the ultimate objective of leading high impact practice changing neuro-oncology clinical trials in the future as a Chief Investigator.