Tessa Jowell Neuro-Oncology Fellowship

The Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission is soon opening recruitment for its first ever fully-funded Tessa Jowell Neuro-Oncology Fellowship, designed to support clinicians to address the needs of the future of neuro-oncology.

The Fellowship programme aims to enable newly qualified medical and clinical oncologists to specialise in brain tumours. Fellows will gain insight and understanding in all specialities involved in brain tumour management, with an in-depth focus on the latest radiotherapy treatments as well as comprehensive training in clinical trial design. 


The aims of the TJBCM Fellowship are to:

  • Provide supervised training in the inpatient and outpatient practice of neuro-oncology.
  • Develop clinicians that can high-quality comprehensive neuro-oncological patient care
  • Cultivate the future leaders in neuro-oncology in the UK

 A TJBCM fellow will:

  • Develop skills and familiarity in surgical decision-making, advanced techniques, and the management of complications.
  • Be provided with a framework for the management of neurological sequalae of brain tumours.
  • Appreciate the role of neuroimaging in assessing brain tumours and the role of novel imaging modalities.
  • Develop skills in planning and delivery of complex radiotherapy.
  • Develop skills and familiarity with clinical trial development and conduct.

Training time: 12-months, with each module taking place over a 4-month period.

Eligibility: Fellowships are for applicants who have completed training in medical or clinical oncology and are aimed at individuals planning an academic career in neuro-oncology.

Location: Fellows will have the opportunity to train at Tessa Jowell Centres of Excellence across the country based on their geographical preference and interest.


Module A: Neurosurgery/neurology/neuroradiology/neuropathology (4 months) 

A  rotating module through allied specialities to gain an insight and understanding of their role in brain tumour management.  Fellows will attend neurosurgery & neurology clinics, neuroradiology and neuropathology reporting sessions.

Module B: Advanced Radiotherapy Techniques

A rotating module through radiotherapy disciplines to gain an insight and understanding of their role in brain tumour management.  Fellows will have the opportunity to attend CNS MDT’s to understand selection for treatments, undertake outlining and planning of complex radiotherapy treatments.  At the end of the module fellows will have an in-depth understanding of stereotactic radiotherapy and proton radiotherapy.

Module C: Early phase clinical trial design, delivery and experience

A module based in an early-phase clinical trials unit to gain an insight and understanding trial design.  Fellows will attend trail clinics, trial meetings, and participate as sub-investigators.



How to apply: Complete the form below to express your interest in applying and to receive more information about the fellowship. You will also be notified when applications are open.