Introduction to the Mission

We bring together the brain tumour community to deliver a new national strategy for brain tumour research, treatment and care in the UK.  

In 2018, Dame Tessa Jowell led a call to action on behalf of all brain tumour patients to tackle brain tumours, recognising that too little progress has been made in the treatment of patients with this devastating disease. Lord O’Shaughnessy, the then Undersecretary of State for Health, responded by convening members of the brain tumour community to design a new national strategy. And so, the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission was formed by a group of passionate academics, doctors, members of professional and patient organisations and patients.

Today, the national effort has grown in scale and size. The Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission is now a Community Interest Company which manages and supports a national portfolio of several transformational programmes in the areas of research, trials, training and patients. Our work is funded and supported by the NIHR, The Tessa Jowell Foundation, CRUK, The Minderoo Foundation, The Brain Tumour Charity, Brain Tumour Research, Brainstrust, Brain Tumour Support and Act for Cancer. The mission is chaired by Professor Richard Gilbertson (Chair of Board of Guarantors) and led by Dr Nicky Huskens (CEO) on a day to day basis. Please click here to see the full TJBCM team.

Expert NHS clinicians, nurses, AHPs and academics from across the UK work with the Mission to design and deliver our programmes every day. The programmes are jointly delivered with our partner organisations and managed and supported by our own team of core company employees. 


From left: Dr Nicky Huskens (TJBCM CEO & Company Director), Professor Richard Gilberton (TJBCM Chair), Professor Katie Bushby (TJBCM C0-Chair), Camille Goetz (Director of Programmes & Operations) and Jess Mills (TJBCM Co-Founder and Special Advisor)